Tools and apps for a large music library

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I’ve been asked which tools and software I use to handle a large, well-tagged music library. Well, here’s the answer, with some links.

Note: This may appear a bit Linux-biased, but I use almost only Linux systems. Many, if not most, of the mentioned tools are also usable on MacOS or Windows.

Getting the music

Ripping CDs

You need a PC with a CD drive. Most modern PCs don’t have one anymore, but a USB drive is fine. Get a good one. Some models have odd drive offsets, can’t switch off error correction, can’t read CD Text, etc., all resulting in possibly bad rips.

The CD Drive Offsets Table on the AccurateRip website can help deciding which drive to get. A low Correction Offset and a high number of Submitted By is preferable.

If you also plan to play or rip movies or music videos, a DVD or Blu-ray drive also usually works.

Regarding software, there are really only two choices here:

Pre-processing & organizing

This more or less also reflects my workflow, although I prefer FLAC over MP3.


Now that you have organized and tagged your valuable music, it’s time to set up a good backup strategy. Backup often—you don’t want to lose any of your music!

Playout at home

Radio Station Playout

Live DJ-ing, Broadcasting

That’s about it. Enjoy checking these out, and don’t forget to support the authors of these great Free and Open Source Software programs!